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Choosing Plants for Water Conservation in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines Sprinkler System

Pembroke Pines Sprinkler System Installation

With high temperatures prevalent throughout our area, making sure you are using your Pembroke Pines sprinkler system in the most practical and effective way possible will help you keep your water bills under control while maintaining a green and lush lawn. Working with a Broward landscaping company is often the best way to manage all aspects of lawn care in our area. Here are some hints for creating a water-smart landscaping solution for your home or business.

Choose the Right Plants

Turf grass plantings require more water than many other types of landscaping installations, which can result in added work for your Pembroke Pines sprinkler system. By choosing plants that require less water and less work to cover some of your available landscaping space, you will lower the water requirements for your home or business while maintaining the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Enhance Your Soil Composition

Supplementing the quality of your soil with fertilizer and compost is a solid step toward achieving the most attractive yard or business premises. Your local landscaping professionals can provide you with the best guidance and support in determining the right approach for your lawn and your plantings.

Installing a Pembroke Pines Sprinkler System

Putting plants with similar water requirements close to each other will ensure that every one of your plants and landscaping installations can receive the right amount of moisture for its unique needs. This will help you to maintain the most vibrant and healthy plants and the highest degree of curb appeal for your entire property.

At Garden Services, we offer comprehensive landscaping solutions and sprinkler system repairs and installations for customers throughout our service area. Our team is dedicated to providing superior service for residential and commercial landscapes. We work with you to determine the most practical and cost-effective options for your location. Call us today at 954-680-8100 to schedule a consultation or to request service. The team at Garden Services is here to serve you.