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Common Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Broward County Lawn

Broward Lawn Care

Your lawn can add considerably to your home’s overall beauty and curb appeal. A few common mistakes, however, are often to blame for less-than-lush lawns in Broward County, Florida. Here are some mistakes to avoid when caring for your lawn during the summer months in our area.

Cutting Grass Too Short

Cutting your grass to a height shorter than three inches can damage the health of your lawn. Grass depends on the photosynthesis performed in its blades to stay healthy and to support root growth. Eliminating too much of the green could result in brown or bare patches that could mar the appearance of your lawn.

Failing to Maintain Your Lawn

Regular mowing is not enough for most lawns. Aerating, dethatching and other maintenance tasks are often best left to your Broward lawn care company. These professionals have the right equipment and the experience needed to perform dethatching and aeration the right way to enhance the growth and health of your lawn.

Fertilizing Incorrectly

Fertilizing at the wrong time or applying too much or too little fertilizer can also leave your lawn looking less than beautiful this year. In general, your local lawn company can provide you with expert assistance in determining the right fertilizer mixture for your lawn and in applying it in the right amounts at the proper times for maximum growth and a lush green appearance. Working with a company that specializes in Broward lawn care services is often the most practical approach to managing the health and appearance of your lawn.

Watering Too Much

Overwatering your lawn will often result in shallow roots and a more fragile lawn. Your Broward lawn care professionals can provide you with guidance and advice on the right amount to water and the right times for these activities. This can help you to provide the best possible support for your lawn throughout the year.

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