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Providing the Perfect Sun or Shade Conditions for Your Landscaping

Florida Winter Landscaping

Expert Florida Winter Landscaping Services

A few basic principles will help you manage your Florida winter landscaping activities and will ensure the best and most attractive results for your business premises and the outdoor areas of your home. Understanding the needs of your plants for sunlight and shade will help you to make the appropriate choices about where they will do best on your property and how to care for them properly once they are in place. Here are some factors to keep in mind when dealing with your Pembroke Pines landscaping this year.

Do Your Plants Prefer Shade or Sun?

The plants used for your landscaping typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Plants that prefer full sun conditions should receive sunlight for six or more hours each sunny day. This will help them to stay healthier and to look their best.
  • Partial sun conditions are best accomplished by positioning plants in areas where they receive sun during the morning and are sheltered from sunlight during the afternoon. This will usually allow plants to get four to five hours of direct sunlight.
  • Plants that grow best in partial shade should receive three hours or less of direct sunlight and should be shielded from sun during late morning and afternoon hours.
  • As the name suggests, full shade plants should be protected from direct sunlight entirely. They can usually tolerate some sunlight if they are shielded from it throughout most of the day.

Failing to provide your plants with the right environment for optimal growth will often result in leggy growth for plants not getting enough sun and burned leaves and flowers for those plantings that are receiving too much exposure to the sun.

Work With the Professionals

Choosing a qualified and knowledgeable Pembroke Pines landscaping company is the best way to determine the right placement for your plants. These dedicated professionals can provide you with expert help in arranging your landscaping to make the most effective use of sunlight and shade throughout your property. This will help you to create the perfect look and the healthiest plants for your landscaping needs.

At Garden Services, we specialize in the most practical Florida winter landscaping options for your home or business. Our Pembroke Pines landscaping team will work with you to determine the best and most attractive solutions for all your outdoor spaces. Contact our company today at 954-680-8100. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you now and in the future.