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Home Owners Association Landscaping

Pembroke Pines HOA Landscaping services

Homeowners’ Association, or HOA, is a multi-billion dollar industry that works with more than 320,000 planned communities in the U.S. It is an industry that has allocated an estimated $40 billion this year on operating costs and services. Much of the operating revenues are spent on local goods and services, in proximity to the individual planned communities. HOA has an enormous annual budget that allows for the hiring of many contractors that could be very costly. But money shouldn’t be spent on services that fall short of expectation and that includes subpar landscaping services.

Aspects to be Considered When Hiring a Landscaping Company

Attractive landscaping is vital to any business because it establishes an external first impression, and that’s invaluable to HOA’s planned communities. Gorgeous landscaping shows that if the exterior is well maintained, then the business, as a whole, will be equally sustained. It also lends to the beautification of the community and the environment which shows consciousness of the surroundings.

Hiring the right landscaping company is crucial, so there are things to contemplate.

  • The landscaping company needs to provide more than basic maintenance
  • The landscaping company should meet all the requirements of the potential client
  • The landscaping company should have extensive, diverse experiences in the landscaping field
  • The landscaping company needs to have the proper certifications and licenses

Garden Services Can Fulfill All Your Landscaping Needs

In business since 1979, Garden Services is a certified and licensed full service landscaping contractor serving the planned communities of Home Owners Associations. They also render services for commercial properties, Master Associations, Condominiums, and residential clients of Broward County, Florida.

Garden Services – HOA Landscaping Services offer more than basic maintenance services. They also offer:

  • Professional tree services
  • Irrigation systems and design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Commercial landscape maintenance
  • Reduce, Conserve, and Recycle of landscaping by-products as an environmentally conscience company

The licensing and certification credentials they hold under Broward County are:

  • I.S.A. Certified Arborist
  • Irrigation Spec Plumber
  • Landscape and Maintenance
  • Florida Cert. of Nursery Registration
  • Department of Environmental Protection

Garden Services offers HOA Landscaping services throughout Broward County, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, unsurpassed quality work, competitive pricing, and meticulous attention to detail. To experience our extraordinary creativity, professionalism, and superior customer service, get a free quote by clicking here. We will offer information and estimates regarding our services in landscape design and installation, irrigation, maintenance, and professional tree care management. Call us today at 954-680-8100, or email us at to learn more about our Pembroke Pines HOA landscaping services.

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