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Three Keys to Achieve the Best South Florida Landscaping Results

South Florida Lawn Care

Expert South Florida Lawn Care

Creating the right South Florida landscaping arrangements can help your commercial property look its very best during every season of the year. Understanding the basics of South Florida lawn care and landscaping will typically provide you with a solid foundation for establishing the right look for your grounds and the most appealing backdrop for your commercial enterprise. Here are some of the most important points to keep in mind when planning your landscaping project this year.

Know When to Fertilize

Fertilizer for your lawn should typically be applied first in mid-April, then again in mid-May with a final application sometime in July. This will ensure that your grass has the appropriate nutrients throughout the growing season. Working with a South Florida lawn care company is typically the best way to ensure that your commercial property looks its best throughout the year.

Create Natural Barriers

Heavy rainfall can sometimes wash mulch and gravel out of their assigned spaces. Installing decorative landscape edging blocks or curbing will often provide you with added protection against misplaced stones, gravel or mulch that can mar the appearance of your South Florida landscaping. This can create a neater and more attractive look for your business and your commercial premises.

Be Careful With Wet Grass

After a rainstorm or heavy dew, your ground may be soft and susceptible to ruts and damage. Taking care to avoid going over the same areas more than once and, if possible, waiting until the ground and grass is drier can often prevent issues that could otherwise result in a less-than-perfect lawn for your business. Your local lawn care company is typically your best resource for expert help and support when managing your landscaping and mowing needs this year.

If you need professional South Florida lawn care or landscaping services, Garden Services can provide the right solutions for you. Our team of experienced landscapers and lawn care professionals are committed to creating the most beautiful and practical outdoor spaces for your current and future needs. Give us a call today at 954-680-8100 to schedule an appointment or to request more information. At Garden Services, we deliver the right South Florida landscaping solutions for your needs.