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What Not to Do During Your Pembroke Pines Tree Trimming Project

Pembroke Pines tree trimming

Professional Pembroke Pines Tree Trimming Services

Finding the right solutions for your Pembroke Pines tree trimming needs can sometimes be a real challenge. Working with a company that specializes in these tree services is the best way to ensure that your tree trimming project is accomplished safely and quickly. Here are some mistakes to avoid when trimming your trees this year.

Do Not Overprune

Removing more than 25 percent of foliage from a tree during the growing season can reduce its ability to grow and thrive during the remainder of the year. Your local Pembroke Pines tree trimming company will provide you with expert guidance in when and how much to prune from each of the trees on your property.

Avoid Pruning for the First Year

Newly planted or transplanted trees require tender loving care to ensure that they grow quickly and that they reach their full potential. Pruning during the first year of growth could limit the ability of these plants to achieve a strong foothold and to stay healthy during this critical period in the life of your trees.

Avoid Ladders

Ladders and pruning equipment can combine to create dangerous conditions for those not used to working on and around trees. Leaving these tasks to the tree trimming professionals will reduce the potential for injuries and will help you to avoid medical expenses that could result from a fall off a ladder or mistakes using pruning equipment.

Stay Away From Power Lines

Power lines, phone lines and cables of all kinds could pose serious threats during your tree trimming activities. Staying well clear of these lines when working on your trees is essential to protect yourself and others from potential risks. Your local tree trimming company has the knowledge and the expertise needed to achieve the best results in the safest way possible.

Hiring a  Pembroke Pines Tree Trimming Profressional

At Garden Services, we specialize in providing the Pembroke Pines tree trimming services our clients need at affordable prices. We work with you to determine what landscaping and irrigation services are best suited to your property and your needs. Give us a call today at 954-680-8100 to schedule a consultation or to request a quote for your landscaping project.